I have EXPENSIVE, very expensive, or "why is your puppy so expensive?"

Everything is expensive for me, everything is very, very expensive…. Why now the majority of people do not want to drive a Tavria, but prefer foreign cars? Why did you stop eating shitty fast food and drinking cola, buying rotten, chemically-stuffed "Bush legs"? Why do we not want to use simple push-button phones, but buy smartphones at a price of $ 400 (after a year they become obsolete and need to be replaced with new models). Why are we trying to buy expensive but high-quality shoes and clothes? Why apartments with a good layout in the center are not sold at the price of "Khrushchovka"?!? You can give examples on the topic "Why?" For a long time ...
Why is your puppy so expensive? Dear readers, any property is assessed by its owner, not less than its cost. To make it clear:

1. I carefully plan the breeds using health-tested, reputable breeders. And yes, I pay for participation and trips to exterior exhibitions, offsite mating, genetic tests in leading laboratories in Europe, and other related events.

2. Raising a puppy, I do not save on feed, vaccinations, hygiene products, ie. I buy what I consider complete, safe, and useful.

3. I work outside of any standard working hours, sometimes 24 hours, and if more is required, without a break for sleep, instead of lunch, at best, coffee.

4. I do not have days off, I have a constant year-round regime. And if suddenly I needed to leave, then this trip can be very expensive for me, so I am very! I plan my trips carefully.

5. I sleep in an embrace with newborn puppies and help my mother feed them every 2 hours (sometimes I have to feed from a pacifier), and this all counts as sleep.

6. I also go to the store, fill up the car and imagine paying for utilities, and dog food and vaccinations, and everything else also tends to rise in price, and I pay for all this.
I want to ask you why you do not respect my work? Why do you think that someone will sell you cheap and good quality? Why do adults believe in miracles? Why do you think that paying 600-700 $ for a beautiful, healthy pet and companion (for example, a pug (not for breeding)) who will delight you for 8-15 years is expensive? If it is expensive for you to buy, do you really think that maintenance will be cheaper? Are you really so naive that you believe that someone, spending an immense amount of money, time and effort, will sell you cheaply?

Cheap is when:

1. It does not matter whether the producers are suitable for each other by "blood", whether they are relatives (not infrequently, the closest ones), whether they carry the same hereditary diseases (or are generally sick).

2. A dog during pregnancy, eats what it needs and when it needs it;

3. For mating, nothing is paid and it does not matter what breed of "neighbor's dog" if only it was similar.

4. The bitch gives birth on her own, gives birth, or dies, no one will call her veterinarian anyway, it's "expensive", it's great if she can handle it.

5. The bitch who gave birth begs to "devour" in order to survive and feed the children.

6. Children grow up in a dirty box or aviary, or cage, who have nowhere to run, have nothing to play with, and at best they are fed with cheap "shit".

7. It does not occur to breeders/farmers that the mother and the puppies need to be fed, vaccinated, etc., as well as kept in proper conditions.

8. Invested a minimum of labor, if invested, as well as a minimum cost.

A lot of breeders, especially in recent years, have been writing about this, apparently, they have become painful, working harder and harder, and no one appreciates work ... The same questions "Why is it so expensive? Couldn't it be cheaper? Is it possible without documents? And me "for the soul"? Expensive - because it's worth it! Cheaper - it is impossible, a lot was spent (not only money but also time and sleepless nights, etc.)! It is possible without documents, the difference of $ 15 will suit you !? And yet, I buy pedigree dogs, three or five more expensive than I sell puppies from them (very rarely, I bargain, because I'm afraid that they will refuse and sell to another, suddenly I will not have time)! And lastly, you "for the soul", and I put your soul into this little bundle of happiness, which was born wet in my palm, which I dried and warmed with my warmth, by the squeak of which I woke up every time, whom I nursed like a child (not every mother is capable of ). Me, too, "for the soul"! But only "my soul" will be much calmer if "my child" is in the hands of those who love, respect my work and are sufficiently wealthy not to save money on feed, decent veterinary services, etc.

Wake up !!! Free cheese - only in a mousetrap and then, until the second mouse !!!

Based on the article by Larisa Gamazova.
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