Achievements - 3×BP, 2×J.CAC, 5xCAC, BOS, CH UA.
    • Born on 16.06.2018.

    • Character: lively, cheerful, and at the same time balanced character, noble and affectionate to the owner. Ryan's breed motto fits perfectly multum in parvo (much in small).

    • Curious, strict, and arrogant "director of the harem", affectionate towards people, handsome.

    • He possesses a typical conformation corresponding to the breed standard, character, bears rare blood.

    • He has tests for genetic, hereditary diseases (Laboklin): PDE -N/N; DM -N/DM; PLL-N/N; MH-N/N; PK- N/N
      Ancestors are world champions, inter, multi champions, etc.
      • Father: HIMMELL VAHE BUL'DOZER (9 х САС,R.CACIB, 3 х BOS, 2 Champion of Ukraine). Was born in Russia, lived in Ukraine... A well-known producer in the breed. A carrier of a rare blood combination. Gave beautiful offspring (prepotent). Blood from USA nurseries (ORCHIDS DE ORO, MIANDA'S, MOONSTRUCK), ANGLAGLANS (Sweden), SASQUEHANNA (Poland).

      • Mother: SIL'VA. She lives in Ukraine. She has such bloods from kennels as IGROLEND, DARIKAR
        (Ukraine), SASQUEHANNA (Poland), SHEFFIELD'S (USA). Well planned accumulation of blood.

      • Paternal grandfather: ORCHIDS DE ORO FANTASY VALOR. Was born in USA. He lives in Russia. He is Outstanding international manufacturer. INTERCHAMPION, 2 x BIS, JCh CLUB,
        RUS, FIN, TURKEY, Ch RUS, CLUB, POL, HUN, LT, LV, EST, BALTIC, BR, RKF, GCH RUS, 18 Х CACIB. He has such bloods from kennels as USA (ORCHIDS DE ORO, MIANDA'S, MOONSTRUCK).

      • Paternal grandmother: HIMMELL VAHE EVRA. She lives in Russia JCH RUS, CH RUS, CH
        RKF. She has such bloods from kennels as ANGLAGLANS (Sweden), SASQUEHANNA (Poland).
        *Ryan has 7 puppies at the moment. 5 - sold simply to families and to will not be used in breeding. Two girls start an exhibition career.
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