We are glad to offer you puppies born in our kennel! The success of your choice is a balance between a cold head and a warm heart!

We advise you to carefully consider your decision to purchase a puppy from our breeding! We hope that the answers to the questions below will help you make the right decision.
  • What functions do you want to assign to the dog?
  • What kind of temperament / psyche would you like to see in your puppy?
  • Do you dream of performing with your dog at dog shows and getting titles and medals?
  • What are the expectations from the puppy in terms of further breeding activities (male or female). If a male, then for "yourself" or are you planning to "promote" as an open stud dog?
    Your readiness for FEEDBACK (photo, video reports about the life and career of the dog. Informing about the titles of the dog and its breed);
  • Do you need a loyal friend and life partner?
  • Are you looking for a playmate and a pet for your children?
The answer will be a key in the fate of your new pet. And we, in return, as responsible breeders, will take into consideration all your preferences and select the "very" puppy who is likely to realize your ambitions, and will also become your faithful friend and full-fledged companion for many years of joint, mutually comfortable life!

And you shouldn't think in stereotypes that the only goal of the kennel owners is to sell the dog as expensive as possible! We do not sell our puppies for outdoor use or cage living. All our puppies are exclusively for home life in the family. Our puppies are born and live with us in the house. This is the only way to provide quality care and socialization for the litter.


Terms of cooperation
Puppy waiting list
We are creating a list of people who applied for a puppy, but at the moment there is no puppy for them in the kennel, or there is no particular sex or color. In this case, an application for a puppy is entered on the waiting list, and when the puppies are born, we will inform you first. To sign in the waiting list, call or write to us.
We do not take payment for advance (before birth) booking of puppies.
After the puppies are born, you can book the sex, color and the right to choose a puppy (for example: black male, first choice). The reservation confirms your right for the puppy and the puppy will not be offered to other people. You have to make a payment of 30% of puppy's price to book one. The prepayment is kept for you up to 10 weeks of age of the puppy. At 10 weeks the rest sum must be paid. Prepayment will not be returned if you change your mind.

Puppies usually get their first vaccination at 8 weeks (the specific vaccination schedule depends on the vaccine used)
Before the first vaccination of puppies, we do not send them to new families, and we do not invite you to get to know them. We ask you to be understanding. We value the health of our puppies very much.
It's normal if you come to get acquainted with the adult dogs of the kennel. The puppy will quickly grow up and become similar to its next of kin.
Moving the puppy to a new home
The puppy moves to a new family at the end of the 14-day quarantine after the second vaccination (in exceptional cases and under the owner's responsibility - at the end of the 10-day quarantine after the first vaccination).
Temporary keeping the puppy in the kennel
If you are not sure that you will be able to provide reliable quarantine measures until full vaccination and the end of quarantine, as well as, for other valid reasons, the inability to pick up the puppy within the agreed time frame, we can offer you overexposure of the selected puppy. The cost of temporary keeping is 5 USD / day.
Health guarantees
Despite the fact that our manufacturers have all the necessary genetic tests and examinations, many hereditary diseases have a polygenic type of inheritance, which makes it impossible to determine and prevent their occurrence in advance.
Our puppies are transferred to new owners with health guarantees for such diseases as:
  • Pug: Degenerative Myelopathy; Primary Lense Luxation (PLL); Malignant Hyperthermia (MH); Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (PDE); Pyruvatkinase-Deficiency (PK);
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Dry eye and curly hair syndrome; Episodic fall syndrome.
The quality of nutrition and rearing are very important in the development of the dog. Therefore, in the case of claims by the owner regarding the health of a puppy (adult dog), we will need the opinion of a certified veterinarian, indicating the cause of the disease.
Our puppies grow up exclusively on high-quality dry food that best suits all the needs of the puppy at every stage of development.
Show and breeding guarantees
We do not sell small puppies with show and breeding career guarantees.
All puppies up to 8-12 months of age are of standard quality, unless they have disqualifying defects.
Puppies for shows and breeding in the kennel are available only after the end of growth and formation, and with the appropriate temperament.
We do not consider it possible to deceive potential owners with promises of show and breed qualities in a small puppy. Each puppy develops individually, and even the most promising puppy can grow into a dog with mild breed qualities.
Growing a champion is not an easy journey, and its success depends not only on the breeder, but also on the owner. Genetically inherited qualities, high-quality breeding, the necessary exercise, care and education are the main components of a champion dog.
We recommend that you take your puppy to the veterinarian for a physical examination within 48 hours of receiving it.
If the veterinarian discovers any medical condition, you can return the puppy to us within 24 hours of diagnosis. In order to receive a full refund of the cost of the puppy, ask the veterinarian to make an extract for us indicating the diagnosis, research methods and a list of tests on the basis of which the puppy was diagnosed.
Owners of our puppies receive complete and detailed advice on raising, feeding and rearing. As well as detailed instructions for further vaccination of the puppy, and the rules of antiparasitic treatments.
We will be happy to help you throughout the dog's life and answer any questions.
Package of services, accompanying puppy
Puppy card / export pedigree (FCI-UKU), chip, veterinary passport, full vaccination by age, information on parental genetic test results.
We prefer personal acquaintance, and we will always be glad if you personally come to pick up your puppy. It is also possible to assist in the delivery of the puppy to your city / country. We will entrust our puppy only to a verified (licensed) courier. Shipping costs are paid by the owner separately.
Return of the puppy
If the puppy is returned without a valid reason (for example, "just changed your mind"), within 48 hours after the breeder handed it over to the owner, the breeder returns the amount minus 20% of the puppy's cost. If the puppy is returned to the breeder within 7 calendar days after the sale, the owner will be compensated 70% of the price of the puppy. A prerequisite for a refund is that the puppy is in the state of health and behavior in which it was passed on to the owner. In the future, it is possible to return the puppy with compensation no more than 50% of the amount paid for it (details of the return are discussed separately).
It's EXPENSIVE, too expensive or "why your puppies cost so much?"
My offer is expensive, so expensive, too expensive...Why most of people don't want to drive "Tavria" but foreign cars nowadays? Why they stopped consuming cheap fastfood and cola, why people don't buy rotten, full of chemistry "Bush's legs" anymore? Why we don't want to use simple, old, push-button phones instead of smartphones which costs 400 $ (and in year they get old and we need to buy new ones)? Why we're trying to purchase expensive but not high quality clothes? Why flats with good planning in downtown cost more than others? We can spend all day on simply counting all the "Why?"s...

"Why your puppies cost so much?" Dear Ladies and gentlemen, every property is evaluated by its owner. To make it more clear:

1. I carefully plan every breed using pedigree, health-tested, titled manufacturers. And yes, I pay for participation in exterior exhibitions, offsite mating, genetic tests in Europe leading labs and other costs related.

2. Growing up puppies I don't save money on dog food, vaccinations, hygienic means (meaning, I buy things I consider to be complete, safe and useful).

3. I work 24 hours a week. Sometimes I work even more without any breaks on sleep, instead of breakfast I have a cup of coffee (in best case).

4. I don't have any weekends. In case I have to go somewhere it can cost me a lot, so I plan my trips very thoughtfully.

5. I sleep with newborns and help their's mother feed them every 2 hours and this counts as sleep.

6.I, as everyone else, go shopping, refuel the car and pay bills. Dog food, vaccinations and etc have a tendency to get more expensive and i have to pay for this all.

I want to ask you why don't you value my work? Why you think that someone will sell you a good quality puppy cheaply? Why adults believe in magic? Why do you think that paying for a beautiful, healthy pet and companion $ 600-700 (for example pug (not for breeding) who will be making you happy for next 8-15 years) is a lot? If it's too expensive for you to buy one, how do you think to contain him? Are you so naive that you think that someone who spent a lot of time and money will sell You a puppy cheaply?

Cheap that's when:

1. It does not matter whether the dogs are suitable for each other by "blood", whether they are relatives (not infrequently, the closest ones), whether they carry the same hereditary diseases (or are generally sick).

2. A dog during pregnancy, eats whatever whenever.

3. For mating, nothing is paid and it does not matter what breed of "neighbor's dog" is if only they look similar.

4. The bitch gives birth on her own, gives birth or dies, no one will call her a veterinarian anyway, it's "expensive", it's great if she can make it.

5. The bitch that gave birth begs to eat in order to survive and feed the children.

6. Children grow up in a dirty box or aviary, or cage, and have nowhere to run, have nothing to play with, and at best they are fed with cheap "shit".

7. It does not bothers breeders / farmers that the mother and the puppies need to be fed, vaccinated, etc., and also kept in proper conditions.

8. A minimum of labor is invested, if invested, as well as a minimum of cost.

Lots of breeders, especially last time, writes about this because it's harder to work and no one appreciates this...Tha same questions as "Why so expensive?", "Can you sell a puppy with less price?", "Are documents mandatory?", "I want for the soul.". Expensive because it's cost it! With less price? No! A lot of money, time were spent on them! We can sell without the documents with difference in 15 $. Is this suits you? And another moment, I purchase pedigree dogs in three or five times more expensive than I sell puppies (very rarely, I bargain, because I'm afraid that they will refuse and sell to someone else, suddenly I will not have time)! And last one, "for your's soul", but what about mine's? I invest my soul into this bundle of happiness who was born wet in my palm, who I dried and warmed with my warmth, by the squeak of which I woke up every time, whom I nursed like a child (not every mother is capable of). Me, too, "for the soul"! But only "my soul" will be much safer if "my child" is in the hands of those who love, respect my work and are sufficiently wealthy not to save money on feed, decent veterinary services, etc.

Wake up!!! You can find free cheese only in mousetrap and then, until the second mouse !!!

Based on the article by Larisa Gamazova.
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