• She was born on 15.07.2019

    • Mother of litter "К".
      Ancestors are world champions, Europeans, inter, multi champions.

      • Paternal grandfather: HIMMELL VAHE BUL'DOZER (9 х САС,R.CACIB, 3 х BOS, 2 Champion of Ukraine). Was born in Russia, lived in Ukraine... A well-known producer in the breed. A carrier of a rare blood combination. Gave beautiful offspring (prepotent). Blood from USA nurseries (ORCHIDS DE ORO, MIANDA'S, MOONSTRUCK), ANGLAGLANS (Sweden), SASQUEHANNA (Poland).

      • Maternal grandfather: WHOOP-DE-DO HURRICANE. Current country of living-Ukraine. 5xJCAC, 13xCAC, 3xR.CAC, 6xCACIB, R.CACIB, 7xBOB, BIS Junior-III, BIG-I, BIG-II,BIG-II I, BIG-IV, BIS-I, JChC, JCH UA, Ch Clab 2, CHAMPION OF UKRAIN 2, CHAMPION OF GEORGIA, CHAMPION OF AZERBAIJAN, CHAMPION OF MOLDOVA. He has bloods from the leading kennels in USA, Sweden, Italy, Norway, England, Slovakia, Great Britain, Brazil, Hungary (for example TANGETOPPEN'S, FILOSOFIAS; SHEFFIELD'S (ancestor Champion of Europe); MARBELTON; OF TOP TEAM; NABUCO'S).
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