• She was born on 23.11.2015.

    • She has a balanced character, noble, affectionate, inquisitive, friendly to people and other animals, she has a deeply responsible attitude towards puppies. She gives children a square format, sufficient angles of the limbs, correct tail exit with a double curl (not rarely, almost triple), excellent coat quality and a slightly elongated muzzle typical of the blood of the Norwegian kennel TANGETOPPEN'S, a nose with well-open nostrils.

    • She has tests for genetic, hereditary diseases (German laboratory LABOKLIN): Degenerative Myelopathy -N / N; Primary Lense Luxation (PLL) -N / N; Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) -N / N; Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (PDE) -N / PDE; Pyruvatkinase-Deficiency (PK) - N / N.
      Ancestors are world champions, Europeans, inter, multi champions.
        • Father: WHOOP-DE-DO HURRICANE. Current country of living-Ukraine. 5xJCAC, 13xCAC, 3xR.CAC, 6xCACIB, R.CACIB, 7xBOB, BIS Junior-III, BIG-I, BIG-II,BIG-II I, BIG-IV, BIS-I, JChC, JCH UA, Ch Clab 2, CHAMPION OF UKRAIN 2, CHAMPION OF GEORGIA, CHAMPION OF AZERBAIJAN, CHAMPION OF MOLDOVA. He has bloods from the leading kennels in USA, Sweden, Italy, Norway, England, Slovakia, Great Britain, Brazil, Hungary (for example TANGETOPPEN'S, FILOSOFIAS; SHEFFIELD'S (ancestor Champion of Europe); MARBELTON; OF TOP TEAM; NABUCO'S).

        • Mother: SCARLET SPIRIT TEQUILA HOME. Current country of living-Ukraine. She has bloods of such kennels as PERIWINKLE'S (USA), Z'ERIDANU DOG LOVE (Slovakia),VOM ULMER HAUS (Netherlands), SASQUEHANNA (Poland), SHEFFIELD'S (USA), NABUCO'S (Brazil),SASQUEHANNA (Poland). Competently planned accumulation of blood.

        • Paternal grandfather: TANGETOPPEN'S OBELIX. He was born in Norway. Current country of living - Norway. N S Dk Fin Ir Lux Cr Slo NORD uch Bundesiger-2009 EUW-09-10 FW-09 NW-09 EUjW-08 NORDW-09 NORDjW-08 CR jCH ESTCHINTCH (FCI) LVCH. Outstanding international manufacturer. He has bloods from kennels in Sweden, Norway, USA, Italy, England.

        • Maternal great-grandfather: AMBASSADOR FAN OF CHEESE. He was born and lived in Ukraine. CHAMPION OF UKRAIN 2, CHAMPION OF GEORGIA, CHAMPION OF AZERBAIJAN, CHAMPION OF MOLDOVA, GRANDEE CHAMPION OF MOLDOVA, GRANDEE CHAMPION OF GEORGIA, GRANDEE CHAMPION OF AZERBAIJAN, ВЕST,J.САС, 3 R.CAC, CACIB, 11 CAC, 3 ВОВ, BEST IN GROUPx2, Best Male x6, Best of Breed x3. Outstanding international manufacturer. Blood from kennels in the USA (PERIWINKLE'S), Poland (SASQUEHANNA), Russia
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