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Our story with pugs started unexpectedly. I always liked large and medium breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds, Boxers… Love of my life is mittel schnauzer! In my opinion, there is no better guarding and intelligent companion created by man. But this is another story…plus mittel is not for everyone. Once my good friend offered me to adopt a pug. My first thought was "What is this? Me and decoration?" But this thought has stuck in my head…I decided to take a risk after detailed and deep investigation the topic. The most important factor was cheerful, friendly and communicative pug's character. Also this breed has courage as a true descendant of ancient molossians.
Pug doesn't hide scared behind owner's back, bark hysterically and shake with horror while communicating with other dogs including a big ones. Watching pug owners walking their dogs I noticed that pugs are not aggressive at all and don't scared by the environment. They step slowly while listening to owner's commands and performing them. In contradistinction to the myths that pugs are lazy and don't like to move, they like jumping, running and playing. There are a lot of videos where pugs take a part in Agility, overcome obstacles and do the complicated tricks in YouTube. Our first pug, Tsenta, became a part of our family which consisted mostly from mittel schnauzers. This of course had an impact on her character.
Raised by schnauzers she sincerely considerate herself to be a real guarding dog. When she heard outside sounds or our neighbor's voices she ran at supersonic speed through house doors to the gates with a terrifying, in her opinion, but really comical barking for those around her. Also she had an ability to calm me after long day at work just being near and peacefully melodious grunting. Subsequently our family got bigger with the new pugs. It is known that it is enough to open the door for one pug, the rest will come by themselves. Unfortunately, Tsenta's life wasn't easy. She was born at so-called "breeders" which means uncontrolled, frequent mating (not uncommon between close relatives), bad living conditions, lack of vitamins, microelements, and many other unpleasant and dangerous moments.
At the age of 5 Tsenta's back legs got paralyzed. The huge disease caused this. Since then, for me, in breeding dogs, the priority is to ensure good health of the animals and the absence of breed genetic diseases in dogs that leave our kennel! Hearing from our puppies' owners words of gratitude I know that I breed pugs for a reason. People are very happy with their choice! For them, a real discovery was that pug can be healthy, strong, active dog, despite all the stereotypes prevailing in society. In general, I can talk endlessly about pugs ... All my dogs have bright personalities, worthy of many characteristics and epithets! On our website, you can get to know my dogs better…. Last but not least, in 2019, the true princess Barnis - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel entered our large and friendly family ...
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